HASO™v3 Shack-Hartmann wavefront analysis software
  HASO v3 is the latest version of our premier software package for HASO3 wavefront sensors.  We have redesigned the interface, dividing function into ergonomic palettes that make it faster and easier for you to find and use the information you need.

Behind the improved interface, powerful new functionalities unique to the HASO line await you.  Using only one program, you can measure phase and intensity independently, reconstruct the wavefront by either zonal or modal methods, examine the spot diagram in detail, or use the PSF and Strehl ratio to get detailed information on the beam focalization.  The information provided about the wavefront enables you to understand why other criteria are not performing as expected.

Each user can customize the HASO v3 screen layout, report formats and data files to include, exclude or highlight the information he or she wants.   Even more, HASO v3 can be controlled remotely via Ethernet or WiFi connections.

Plug-ins and software additions for HASOv3

PSF (Point Spread Function) and Strehl ratio calculation display includes:

  • 3D, 2D projection
  • PSF through focus calculation
  • Strehl ratio calculation for optical system and laser beams (Gaussian and non Gaussian beam)
  • Save, load and multimedia sequence record functions.

MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) – includes

  • 3D MTF calculation (calculates in all directions, not only x and y axis)
  • 3D, 2D projection
  • Displays with high accuracy (1%)
  • MTF through focus calculation
  • save, load and multimedia sequence record functions.

Laser and M² measurement – Allows users to calculate:

  • Beam location
  • Waist size
  • Position and divergence calculation
  • M² calculation
  • Calculation and display of intensity shape in any plane around the waist plane
  • Save, load and multimedia sequence record functions

HASOv3 is equally available as a Software Development Kit (SDK) for users who want to build their wn feature-rich applications based on Imagine Optic's prorprietary functions.

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PDFProduct brochure - click the PDF icon to download.


Complementary products

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Application notes

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