HASO™ EUV (Extreme UltraViolet) Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors
  Imagine Optic's HASO EUV wavefront sensor, developed in partnership with LOA and the SOLEIL synchrotron, is the only device of its kind available that offers you the extreme precision and direct measurement functionality needed for today's demanding laboratory and industrial applications.
  • Synchrotron and X-FEL beam alignment and characterization
  • Micro and nano-beam focusing, automatic beam alignment, and high Strehl ratio for adaptive optics
  • Perfectly adapted for laboratory applications
  • Independent phase and intensity measurement
  • Insensitive to vibration

HASO-XEUVDesigned and built in collaboration with our customers and with their needs as the top priority, the HASO EUV incorporates our patented rotated square technology to offer high spatial resolution and wide dynamic range, making it the ideal choice for EUV lithography, synchrotron and X-FEL beam analysis.  When used for adaptive optics, the EUV becomes a powerful tool for that provides you with micro and nano-beam focusing, a high Strehl ratio and precise control of the focal spot shape.

When combined with our powerful and easy-to-use HASOv3, you can easily conduct wavefront acquisition and reconstruction.  Additional add-on modules offer features including extended wavefront reconstruction, PSF and MTF measurement, as well as an SDK core engine that enables you to build your own software applications in MATLAB, LabView or C++.

Applications include ultra short wavelength beam characterization, adjustment and alignment; adaptive optics and automatic beam alignment; and EUV lithography.

Technical specifications are detailed in the table below. If you would like more information on our HASO wavefront sensors, please call +33 (0)1 64 86 15 60 or e-mail us by clicking here.

Aperture dimension 13 x 13 mm²
Number of sub-apertures dedicated for analysis 72 x 72
Curvature dynamic range ± 0.5 m to ± ∞ (diverging)
Repeatability (rms) ~ λ/200
Wavefront measurement accuracy in absolute mode (rms) ~ λ/75
Wavefront measurement accuracy in relative mode (rms) ~ λ/100
Tilt measurement sensitivity (rms) 0.05 µrad
Focus measurement sensitivity (rms) < 1.10-5 m-1
Spatial beam sampling step ~ 180 µm
Minimum readout time ~600 ms
(@2 MHz digitization)
Working photon energy (wavelength) 1 30 eV - 300 eV (4 nm - 40 nm)
Compliant vacuum (hydrocarbon free, compatible with clean vacuum) 10-7 mbar
Power supply included
Interface USB
(1) HASO λEUV wavefront sensors can be optimized for other wavelength ranges. Contact Imagine Optic for more details.

recycleImagine Optic is committed to environmental responsability. Please click here for information about proper disposal and/or recycling of HASO products.


Companion software

HASOv3, delivered with all HASO sensors and available as an SDK, lets you get the most out of your wavefront sensor with wide-ranging functionalities. Click here to learn more.

Stitchwave is a unique software that complements HASOv3's move & measure option to enable you to characterize large surfaces. Click here to learn more.


Key HASO family features

Phase & intensity simultaneously and independently – Our patented sensor design enables you to measure both phase and intensity simultaneously and independently, in real time.

Absolute measurement Our proprietary calibration technology and meticulous quality controls protocols eliminate the need for a reference beam and allow you to perform true absolute measurement.

Dynamic Spot Tracking™, Auto Spot Finder™ & Rotated Square™ technology combined with the quality of our refractive microlens arrays provide superior accuracy and eliminate crossing spots, without comprising dynamic range.



PDFProduct brochure - click the PDF icon to download.


Complementary products

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PDFCASAO - Adaptive optics command and control software. Click here to learn more.


Application notes

PDFTrue absolute measurement - This document talks about absolute measurement, what it is and how you can test your current wavefront sensor to see if it is capable. Click here to read the note.

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