AOKit™ - bio
  Delve deeper, see better using OCT, multiphoton, confocal and optical microscopes

Imagine Optic is proud to present the latest addition to its award winning product line, the AOKit – bio.  Specially designed to meet the demanding needs of biologists using multiphoton and confocal microscopes, the AOKit – bio combines high-precision, high dynamic range wavefront analysis and correction hardware with the very latest in adaptive optics software to provide you with unrivalled image amelioration.

To achieve this, Imagine Optic has united three patented technologies into one powerful solution that works as an enhancement to the equipment you use every day:

aokitBoth confocal and multiphoton microscope users can use the AOKit – bio directly on the laser excitation source, allowing you to reduce the size and increase the accuracy of your focal spot.  Confocal microscope users will appreciate the ability to apply corrections on the source and the image signal simultaneously.

The AOKit – bio allows you to scan deeper inside samples with far greater precision than ever before.  For the first time, you can dynamically fine tune your image to eliminate severe aberrations thereby improving image quality on both the axial and transverse axis.

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