Customized development for unique wavefront metrology needs
  At Imagine Optic, we understand that customer's needs are not always fulfilled with a single component. We respond to these client's needs with innovative solutions in adaptive optics, optics quality control, and optical component and laser metrology.

Whether it's a standard solution or one built to your specifications, Imagine Optic takes the time to understand customer's unique needs. From design through to support, we select the technologies that assure that our solutions deliver precision results time after time.

Our engineering exterise include optics, electronics and mechanics to drive your project from the drawing board through to delivery.

We combine our high-performance HASO™ wavefront sensors with the best in wavefront shaping and correction hardware and software technology to provide you with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

Optics quality control and optical component & laser metrology

When customers need specialized equipment that goes beyond standard wavefront sensors and simple systems, Imagine Optic responds with the solutions they need to get results.

From redesigning wavefront sensors to conceiving complete measurement platforms (with or without motorization), our large array of HASO wavefront sensors coupled with our exclusive software packages and add-ons give us the key elements to build on. Add to that our on-site team, which includes more than 25 dedicated professionals in the optics, electronics, mechanical and computer engineering fields, and you’ve got a award-winning combination waiting to serve you.

Adaptive optics

Imagine Optic has delivered adaptive optics solutions to leading professionals around the world including LOA, CEA (the Mega Joules Laser and other projects), the University of Michigan (CUOS), the University of Rikkyo, and Hamamatsu.

Our team works hand-in-hand with our customers to analyze and define their needs in areas including the architecture of the optical system and aberrations needing correction, beam size, wavelength and power. Once defined, we assemble a custom adaptive optics system that responds precisely to your specifications. Systems include:

If you have a project in mind involving optical systems or laser metrology, please call +33 (0)1 64 86 15 60 or e-mail us by clicking here. Companies including Essilor, Sagem, Varioptic, and Astrium are among Imagine Optic’s many satisfied customers.

Application notes

PDFAdaptive optics for high-power femtosecond lasers - In this application note, we discuss how we worked with the Max Plank Institute to implement an adaptive-optics closed-loop system into their femtosecond laser. Click here to read the note.


PDFQuality control of NIR optics with HASO - In this application note, we discuss how we worked with B.E.A. to meet their needs for quality control of mouled NIR optics. Click here to read the note.


PDFCharacterizing a 10" telescope with HASO R-Flex - This document explains how we use HASO R-Flex to characterize the simple, yet wide-diameter, optical system of a 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Click here to read the note.

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