GENAO™ - iterative adaptive optics command & control software
  GENAO is a unique, iterative adaptive optics command and control software package that enables users to perform precision wavefront correction in situations where using a wavefront sensor is either impractical or impossible.  Perfectly adapted to bioimaging applications, GENAO enables you to correct wavefront aberrations even when, due to absorption by the specimen, backscattered source signal is extremely faint.

The genetic optimization algorithms at the heart of GENAO were engineered using Zernike polynomials as a reference base.  GENAO functions by allowing the user to make merit-based decisions on successive iterations of test images in order to provide the program with the information necessary to improve image quality using crossing and mutation calculations.  With each iteration, GENAO measures the amelioration in performance and generated a new iteration to test until you achieve optimal image quality.

The image on the left shows the functional based on the merits chosen by the user. On the right, the images show the amelioration of the focusing quality.

If you’re working in multiphoton, confocal, SHG (Second Harmonic Generation), THG (Third Harmonic Generation) or structured light microscopy, GENAO is easy to use and outperforms other software products based on standard iteration algorithms.  For example, when faced with an optical aberration of 200-300 nm rms, GENAO enabled a 2-photon microscope to improve image quality by a factor of 10 in less than 100 iterative tests.

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