diodeLaser Diode
Monomode fibered reference source available in several wavelengths (635nm, 670nm, 780nm and others on request) with an easily adjustable power output regulated using a potentiometer or optional USB driver.


A monochromatic point source (635nm, 670nm, 780nm and others on request) ideal for measuring and characterizing high N.A. optics.  Magic Source offers users excellent optical quality (λ/100) combined with a very large numerical aperture (>0.45).



Rotation Stage ΘXΘY™
The perfect companion product for your HASO™ wavefront sensors, the ΘXΘY rotation stages enables you to securely mount the sensor unit onto an optical bench or other structure.  The stage’s integrated ΘX and ΘY rotation axis are adjustable with micrometer precision and are designed to work seamlessly with our HASO products, coordinating the angular alignment without translation of the microlens array.


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