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16th Advanced Accelerator Concepts 2014   JULY 13-18, 2014
16th Advanced Accelerator Concepts
Workshop (AAC 2014)
Dolce Hayes Mansion
200 Edenvale Avenue
San Jose, CA 95136
micronora 2014   Septembre 23-26, 2014 - Stand 506
Hall C - Allée 5

Parc des Expositions Micropolis
CS 62125 -25052 Besançon Cedex
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HASO 76-GE 128-GE




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"Adaptive optics: from amplification to focusing in ultra-intense lasers - How Imagine Optic's products help scientists requiring diffraction-limited, high-intensity beams." Click here to read the article on

Article in Laser Focus World
Imagine Optic's Xavier Levecq and Jordi Andilla contribute "Adaptive optics sharpens biological microscopy" Click here to read the article on the Laser Focus World site.

Article Optics & Lasers Europe (OLE)
Imagine Optic cofounder Xavier Levecq contributes "Going beoyond pass/fail optics characterization" in OLE.Click here to read the article on the

Article in Bio Optics World
Imagine Optic customers Drs. Peter Kner and Zvi Kam at UCSF's Sedet Lab coauthor "
Adaptive optics takes tissue imaging to the next level... Could adaptive optics be the next big advance in microscope design?" in Bio Optics World. Click here to read the article on the BOW site.

Article in Laser Focus World
ADAPTIVE OPTICS: Optical fuse protects intracavity laser components - An adaptive-optics phase-correction mechanism combined with a specially designed filter can prevent catastrophic damage to critical optical components in a high-intensity laser system. Click here to read the article by Xavier Levecq on the Laser Focus World site.

Article in Optics & Lasers Europe (OLE)
Choosing adaptive optics for precision applications - Knowing how to decide between the various options is a daunting task for anyone considering adaptive optics. Jérôme Ballesta and his colleagues from Imagine Optic take some of the mystery out of choosing adaptive optics products for precision applications. Click here to read the article on

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