Company history
  Imagine Optic was founded in 1996 when Xavier Levecq, specialist in wavefront measurement for adaptive optics, met Samuel Bucourt, expert in dimensional metrology.

The pair realized that their combined expertise could bring about a radical new technology that would allow users to make precise 3-D measurements using Shack-Hartmann technology H-LINE™. It became evident early on that this approach could equally be applied to other domains needing precision metrology tools.

After having brought a first series of tools to the market in 1997 and 1998, 1999 saw Imagine Optic’s launch of the first Shack-Hartmann based HASO™ wavefront sensor product line for the visible light spectrum and their first closed-loop adaptive optics platforms for the mega-joule laser project (LMJ, maquette) and SILVA (isotopic separation), quickly followed by systems for LOA and Hamamatsu.

In 2000, the product line grew with the addition of the first wavefront sensor for telecommunications applications, the HASO NIR (near infrared). Then, in 2001 we launched the HASO UV for applications in the ultraviolet spectrum.

At the end of 2002, we entered into a collaborative effort with LIXAM, SOLEIL, LOA and CXRO (Center for X-Ray Optics in Berkeley) to develop the world’s first EUV wavefront sensor for the nanolithography and synchrotron applications.

In 2003, Imagine Optic created Imagine Eyes, a joint effort between the company and leaders in the domain of adaptive optics for ophthalmic diagnosis and retinal imaging.

2005 was a remarkable year as we launched the mirao™ 52-d Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror and one the Photon d'Argent for this highly innovative product that would later have enormous success in the fields of ophthalmology and bioimaging.

In 2006, Imagine Optic saw double digit growth and wide expansion into the North American market with the success of the Boston office's opening. 2007 saw multiple product launches and enhancements. HASO was entirely revamped and HASO3 was brought to market along with HASAO Fast, the SL-Sys™ liquid, CASAO™, GENAO™ and the AOKit™ -bio.

2008 got off to a great start with the arrival of the widely acclaimed SL-Sys neo for characterizing miniature optics and objectives, and the high-resolution members of the HASO family were updated to Giga Ethernet connectivity. Also in 2008, Imagine Optic and Amplitude Technologies filed a joint patent application for a revolutionary adaptive optics optical fuse for high-pwoer lasers.

Today, Imagine Optic continues to innovate with research and development projects currently underway in freespace communications, X-EUV and other domains.

1996 Imagine Optic formed
1999 First HASO and adaptive optics products launched
2001 First wavefront sensor for telecommunications applications (HASO NIR) launched
2002 Launch of HASO UV
2003 Codevelopment of the HASO X-EUV wavefront sensor begins
2003 Imagine Eyes created to develop technology for the ophthalmology industry
2004 First automatic alignment of a synchrotron beam line SLS (Swiss Light Sourse) with a HASO X-EUV
2005 First adaptive optics closed loop with a HASO sensor and mirao 52-d which wins the Photon d'Argent
2006 Opening of US office in Boston, MA
2007 Double digit growth continues with multiple new product launches including an entirely revamped HASO product line, HASO3, HASO WSR and HASO Fast; the SL-Sys liquid for characterizing miniature liquid lenses; CASAO and GENAO adaptive optics software; and the AOKit -bio
2008 mirao evolves to the mirao 52-e with improved mirror performance and stability, the SL-Sys neo is launched for characterizing high NA miniature optics, and high-resolution HASO wavefront sensors get upgraded to Giga Ethernet
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