Applications - Synchrotrons and FELs
  Imagine Optic has developed metrology and adaptive optics tools for a complete knowledge and unique control of beamlines. The HASO™3 allows you to perform the final precision metrology on synchrotron and FEL beam line optical components before putting them online.  Our HASO™ X-EUV functions directly on the beam and allows manual or automatic analysis and alignment of focusing optics. CASAO™ and GENAO™ are adaptive optics tools developed to reach best microfocusing results and to enable automatic focalization spot control (shape, intensity repartition…).

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Wavefront measurement and analysis

  • HASO X-EUV - a unique wavefront sensor that is ideally suited for measuring synchrotron beams on or off-line.


  • HASOv3 - the latest release of our flagship wavefront measurement and analysis software offers a wide array of standard features to make working with your HASO wavefront sensors easy.
  • StitchWave™ - an ideal software companion for reconstruction large wavefronts

Adaptive optics and wavefront correction

  • Wavefront sensors - The HASO X-EUV is ideal command unit for adaptive optics closed loop systems.
  • Wavefront shaping - bendAO combines and X-ray bender and adaptive optics into one unique device.
  • Software - CASAO™ for adaptive optics closed loop control with unequalled performance when controlling active deformable mirrors down to the micro and nano focusing level. GENAO™ is an iterative adaptive optics software program that is ideal in situations where a wavefront sensor can not be used.  It allows users to form beams at the micrometric level for applications, among others, crystallography.

Custom development

  • We provide a full range of custom development solutions tailor made to the unique needs of customers in this domain. Click here to learn more.

Application notes

PDFTrue absolute measurement - This document talks about absolute measurement, what it is and how you can test your current wavefront sensor to see if it is capable. Click here to read the note.

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