Applications - Semiconductors
  Functioning between 193 and 300nm, our HASO™ UV helps manage costs and improve productivity by optimizing the alignment of the focusing devices used in nanolithography.  With our HASO HP-GE, you can reliably characterize optics at the subnanometric scale to ensure the quality of stepper and X optics whereas our newest product, e-Xplorer™, enables users to measure and characterize the planeness of semiconductor wafers.

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Wavefront measurement and analysis

  • HASO UV -excellent precision for wavefront metrology in the UV spectrum.
  • HASO HP 26-GE -enables you to measure with l/1000 precision.
  • HASO X-EUV -provides a unique tool for measuring wavefront in the spectral range from 1 to 20 nm.


  • HASO v3 - the latest release of our flagship wavefront measurement and analysis software offers a wide array of standard features to make working with your HASO wavefront sensors easy.

Application notes

PDFTrue absolute measurement - This document talks about absolute measurement, what it is and how you can test your current wavefront sensor to see if it is capable. Click here to read the note.

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