Applications - Microscopy and bioimaging

For those working at the microscopic level, our HASO™ products enable you to characterize the objectives of today's high-performance microscopes and guarantee that systems perform up to their specifications.  Our latest adaptive optics product, CASAO™ used with the patented mirao™ 52-e, allows you to drastically improve the imaging resolution and contrast in confocal and nonlinear microscopy as well as in OCT, offering you the opportunity to image deeper inside living tissue and other measured samples.

To see a selection of images, both uncorrected and corrected with our adaptive optics products, please click here.

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  • MicAO - 3DSR - a plug-and-play adaptive-optics accessory for real 3D imaging with nanometric resolution using standard inverted-frame microscopes configured for PALM and STORM.
  • AOKit - bio - a unique solution for bioimaging applications that unites the precision metrology of our HASO3 32 wavefront sensor, a mirao 52-d deformable mirror and our CASAO command and control software.

Adaptive optics and wavefront correction

  • Wavefront sensors - HASO3 32 combines the precision and speed needed for microscopy applications
  • Wavefront correction - We provide a wide array of wavefront correction technologies from spatial light modulators (SLM) through to the all-new, patented mirao 52-e Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror
  • Software - Our proprietary CASAO software package is the latest generation in software control of both open and closed adaptive optics loops. Our all new GENAO, an iterative wavefront correction software tool, is perfect for situations where a wavefront sensor is unusable.

Custom development


Application notes
PDFAdaptive optics for microscopy in life sciences - This page shows examples of how are customers are using our adaptive optics products to acheive remarkable results in bioimaging. Click here to read the note.


  PDFTrue absolute measurement - This document talks about absolute measurement, what it is and how you can test your current wavefront sensor to see if it is capable. Click here to read the note.  
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