Application notes
  The objective of this series of technology and application notes is to help customers understand how the Imagine Optic family of products compares to other technologies that are currently available on the market. We’re sure that, once you’ve read through them, you’ll see why our products can play a quintessential role in helping you to achieve superior results in a variety of applications.

Out products are comprised of 5 principal groups that are the result of over ten years of industry leadership in wavefront analysis and adaptive optics.

Wavefront measurement and analysis
The HASO family of Shack-Hartmann wavefront analyzers is based on a multitude of patented technologies that enable them to offer several key advantages including the highest accuracy coupled with the widest dynamic range available; absolute measurement; independent and simultaneous measurement of both phase and intensity; and a robust mechanical assembly that ensures long product life.

Wavefront correction technologies (adaptive optics)
From the all-new mirao 52- e through to a wide variety of proprietary and third party deformable mirrors and SLM, we provide the most extensive range of active components for adaptive optics that you’ll find anywhere. Nobody else can match our experience in delivering and supporting open and closed-loop systems that respond perfectly to each customer’s unique needs.

Providing you with the best hardware to meet your needs is only the first part of the equation. Our software line includes several titles that allow you to work quickly, efficiently and confidently to get the most out of your components or system. HASOv3 wavefront analysis software provides more features than any other software package via a customizable and ergonomic user interface.

Building upon the extensive features offered by HASOv3, we equally market two revolutionary adaptive optics programs, CASAO and GENAO. By way of one simple interface, these unique applications provide users with all the functionalities they need from acquisition and correction through to instrument diagnosis and installation security protocols.

Our software is completed with StitchWave. This application allows users to stitch together the multiple wavefront images that are acquired during the characterization of large surfaces to form one precise image. Finally, we provide software development kits (SDK) that offer customers the freedom to develop their own applications based on our unique technology.

We deliver a line of accessories that are perfectly suited to help customers integrate our component products into their own proper systems. From Laser Diode and Magic Source illumination sources though to our TXTY Rotation Stage, you’ll find everything you need to start working straight away.

The best proof of the quality of our component technologies is showing you how we put them to work at the heart of our turnkey systems. Our SL-Sys family and HASO R-Flex put our industry leading experience to work by incorporating our wavefront analysis, software and accessory products into ready-to-use solutions. Designed for industrials and researchers with demanding applications, including the characterization of optics and surfaces of varying sizes, these systems are used in domains including space and defense, optical metrology, semiconductors, consumer electronics manufacturing and more. Our all-new AOKit – bio goes a step further to include our expertise in adaptive optics to provide users, from novices to experts, with a revolutionary product for bioimaging. All of our systems come complete with proprietary software, based on our wavefront analysis and adaptive optics packages, which ensure easy integration into new or existing processes.

This library will continue to grow as we work with our clients to understand their successes to help you achieve your own. For more information, or to find the Imagine Optic salesperson or distributor in your region, please contact us by clicking here.

Our library

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