Applications - Aerospace and defense
  The high economic stakes in the aerospace industry impose infallible measurement at every stage of development, especially for onboard instruments embarked aboard satellites like the Herschel space telescope. Our products allow you to characterize imaging devices, telescopes and, when used as part of an adaptive optics loop, increase the operational distance of Freespace communications systems.

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Wavefront measurement and analysis

  • HASO™3 - accurate measurement with incomparable dynamic range and accuracy, available in a large array of resolutions up to more than 16,000 points.


  • HASOv3 - the latest release of our flagship wavefront measurement and analysis software offers a wide array of standard features to make working with your HASO wavefront sensors easy.


  • HASO R-Flex™ - the perfect solution for easy and efficient characterization of large optics as well as for adjusting your collimators and telescopes.

Adaptive optics and wavefront correction


  • Our proprietary CASAO™ software package is the latest generation in software control of both open and closed adaptive optics loops.


  • We provide a complete line of accessories, including our Laser Diode and Magic Source, to help you get the most our of our products.

Solutions & custom development

  • We develop custom made optical measurement platforms that meet the varied and specific requirements of our customers.  Some of our latest custom design systems include the characterization system for the Herschel Space Telescope and the measurement system for the Corot Telescope.

Application notes

PDFCharacterizing a 10" telescope with HASO R-Flex - This document explains how we use HASO R-Flex to characterize the simple, yet wide-diameter, optical system of a 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Click here to read the note.

  PDFTrue absolute measurement - This document talks about absolute measurement, what it is and how you can test your current wavefront sensor to see if it is capable. Click here to read the note.  
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